We’ll Go Out on a Limb for You in Tyler, TX



Healthy trees are have the potential to be the most valuable asset on your property. Unhealthy trees can be the opposite. Unhealthy trees, can be a liability, a hazard, and a risk to people and structures surrounding them. Keeping them healthy and beautiful should be a priority. Our highly trained arborists want to help to preserve trees in the Tyler, TX area.

We often see small, insignificant factors harming trees, putting them in decline, and even killing them. The fact that trees occupy large spaces, both above the ground, and within the soil structure. If your tree is in decline, ask yourself if any of the following has happened in the prior years to or near your tree:

  • Herbicides, weed killers, and synthetic fertilizers
  • Grading nearby soil
  • Irrigation installs
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Excavation
  • Bare soils
  • Installation of sod, retaining walls and pavement over CRZ
  • Construction
  • Loss of surrounding barrier trees
  • Climate
  • Lightning
  • Insect Colonization
  • Plus, many others

If any of these events have occurred, please fill out the contact us and we will get in touch with you ASAP. If these events have not occurred to your recollection, fill out the contact us and we will get in touch with you and asses your trees in hopes to preserving it.

Any and all of these events can and have done damage to trees. Sometimes it can be mediated but at times it can’t. Also, please note that not all trees merit preservation, some trees are structural nightmares and pose severe risk to targets and people. You can have good biological function with a tree but also have a sketchy at-risk tree that is unsafe.

The main goal on preservation projects is to identify the stress issues and then identify and handle any hazards. The next step is to work on improving the soil and grow as many absorbing ” feeder roots” as fast as nature allows. Our program usually doubles and triples total mass of absorbing roots in a single season. It’s almost a feedlot scenario within the soil. We want roots, beneficial bacteria, microbes, good fungi, and millions of microorganisms, as they all serve productive roles in soil and tree health.

Contact the tree care specialists at Artmire Urban Forestry, LLC for a tree checkup. We’re dedicated to promoting tree health and protecting properties from tree damage in the Tyler, Texas area.

If you’re concerned with your trees in any regard, please fill out the contact us and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

Organic Plant Health Care Program

At Artmires, we have developed a phenomenal plant health care program. This program is great for your trees, flowerbeds, shrubs, and front yard. Our products will not only help your plant look better, but help them thrive in their environment.

This program is customizable and built to what the targeted areas need.

We use a multitude of different organic amendments and may not use all that are listed on your particular trees. All of the products listed are pet safe.


The fertilizer we use, is organic and targets the soil web and enhances the soil structure over time; improving its nutrient contents and provides a slow source of N-P-K to your plants, trees, grasses, shrubs, and garden.

This fertilizer is made up from: Dehydrated Alfalfa, soybean meal, natural sulfate of potash, molasses, seaweed extracts. There is approximately 300 million colony forming units (c.f.u.) per a pound. Unlike Herbicides, this treatment does not burn your yard and can be applied up to 10 times a year. We recommend applying your desired areas 3-4 times a year. However, if that is not possible 1-2 times is better than none.


Biochar is a form of charcoal. We use it to improve soil nutrition, promote growing conditions, reduce losses, and improve vitality of established trees. This product promotes a healthy root system in the harshest conditions, such as waterlogged soil, sandy soil, and compacted soil. This product aerates soil and reduces compaction, reduces fertilizer and chemical inputs, buffers the pH, increases nutrient uptakes, manages moisture content and should be considered part of any professional soil management program.


We use an organic pot ash that is strictly wood ash and is harvested from our yard. Potash plays a vital role where the pH is alkaline and increases the pH. Increasing the potassium in your soil can make a noticeable difference in your plants livelihood. Potassium is critical in plants. Plants use the potassium to absorb water and synthesize sugars as food. A plant or tree with the right potassium levels will bare more fruit and flowers, compared to a plant or tree with lower Potassium levels. Although you can apply our other amendments numerous times throughout the year, it is best to apply Pot Ash annually. The dense potassium levels in it can accumulate salt, which can be detrimental to your plants and trees roots. Potassium is also a key in preventing nitrogen depletion.


Lime is a product that is more commonly applied to yards and pasture than others. This product promotes a denser and a more green lawn. Lime also aides in balancing the pH, when the soil is acidic and helps the roots absorbs necessary nutrients. Lime also provides calcium, which is critical for plants and trees to have.


lava sand is a product that helps increase water retention and helps break up the soil by separating clay particles. This makes the soil more available for the plants roots.


Green Sand is derived from Glauconite, which is a sediment in the bottom of the ocean. This product is notorious for improving your soils water retention, but also provides vital, water soluble nutrients.