Are you building your dream home? Building a retaining wall? A pool or new driveway?


Wooded properties can be worth up to 20% more in suburban areas, compared to properties without trees. The process involved with construction can be devastating to the surrounding trees if no measures are taken to protect them. It is the damage to the root systems that often result in tree loss. Trees are an asset and some don’t realize the value they hold until it is too late and they need to be removed and/or replaced.

In an ideal situation, an ISA Certified Arborist, is called in to consult in the planning stages of construction, with the contractors. Trees can be preserved if the appropriate measure are taken soon enough. Unfortunately, it is usually
when the first signs of decline appear that help is sought.

What we see more often than not is contractors neglecting the existing trees and covering their roots or removing their roots to even the grade, building retaining walls right up to the tree, covering the roots with concrete, and so many other factors that go into construction.

Roots play a vital role in a trees life and are imperative to their life, without root or adequate soil conditions, it is almost a guarantee your tree won’t make it. There are different roots for trees that play different roles in the trees livelihood. The absorbing roots, take up minerals and water and transport them to the rest of the tree through the trunk. The taproots/fibrous roots, which are the bigger roots, help anchor the tree and help keep the tree upright. It is key to ensure all of the roots are getting what they need to keep the tree alive.


We urge our clients to save the trees, before they need saving. However, we understand that some think trees are hardy enough to pull through construction, without any repercussions.

There are remedial treatments that may save some construction-damaged trees, but immediate implication is critical. We have specialized equipment to prune back the roots and a treatment to heal the pruned roots, correctly. We also have a chemical formula, that works with the tree and reduces shoot growth (small twig development), promotes absorbing root development, aides in eliminated of biological drought stress, and creates a denser foliage load. This product is exceptional if applied before construction and is excellent for post construction as well. This chemical treatment is good for two years and we urge our clients to get the tree re-evaluated in two years to see how it is coping.

If you have trees that have been affected by construction, contact us to begin this process and hopefully we can save your trees! Our arborist can assess each tree for visibility, potential hazards, and recommended treatments.

Our goal is to save your trees. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee, and some trees are past the saving point.