Our team possesses extensive knowledge in comprehensive arboreal and horticultural services. We specialize in diverse areas ranging from planting and pruning to the intricate tasks of pest management, disease control, and fungus remediation. We’re committed to alleviating your workload while ensuring the optimal health and longevity of your green spaces.



Keep your trees healthy.
Healthy trees can be your property’s greatest asset, enhancing both its value and appeal. Conversely, unhealthy trees pose risks, becoming potential hazards to nearby people and structures. Ensuring their health and beauty should be a top priority. Insects often target trees that are weak, dying, or stressed due to drought, lightning, or disease, and these infestations can go unnoticed until significant damage has occurred. Regular tree fertilization and pruning help keep your property vibrant and beautiful. However, when insect infestations do occur, we’re ready to address the issue as smoothly as possible.

If your tree is in decline, ask yourself if any of the following has happened in the prior years to or near your tree:
Herbicides, weed killers, and synthetic fertilizers
Grading nearby soil
Irrigation installs
Vehicle traffic
Bare soils
Installation of sod, retaining walls and pavement over CRZ
Loss of surrounding barrier trees
Insect Colonization

We’re equipped to handle a broad range of insect infestations, including but not limited to: Emerald Ash Borers, Carpenter Ants, Spider Mites, Japanese Beetles, Oak Gall and Oak Wilt, Spiders, Bagworms, Aphids, Termites, Beetles, Spotted Lanternfly

Our tree fertilization and insect control programs are designed with utmost care to ensure the safety of your family and pets during treatment phases. We want roots, beneficial bacteria, microbes, good fungi, and millions of microorganisms, as they all serve productive roles in soil and tree health. 

We urge homeowners to follow the guidelines provided by our tree care professionals during their visit.

If you’re concerned with your trees, please call us at 903-581-4766 or fill out the Contact form online, and we will get in touch with you same or next business day.



Arborist consultation and evaluation.
Trees play a major role in our environments, at our homes, businesses, schools, churches, and more. If your trees are looking sick, Our ISA Certified Arborist has 30 years of experience and is available to help you evaluate, diagnose and improve the health of your trees. II after this period have a section like “learn more” to expand the below text. We are dedicated to improving, preserving, and promoting safe and healthy trees in Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas.

What comes with an Arborist Consultation?
An on-site review of the General Health Assessment of your trees
A summary on ways you can improve the health of your trees
A verbal summary of any external observations (insects, disease, root damage, and more) 
Treatment recommendations
Advise on protective measurements when considering the construction on your property

Additional Services:
Soil Testing and Soil
Enhancement Services
Plant Pathology Lab Testing
Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly Site Visit Packages
Tree Removals

Tree Safety and health of the tree is always the #1 priority at Artmire’s Urban Forestry & Tree Services. Call us today for an inspection and tree plan to keep your yard safe!


Assurance for the Long Haul​

Artmire’s Urban Forestry & Tree Services, we take a thoughtful, scientific approach to tree removal, plant health care and erosion control, setting you up for long-term peace of mind.

As homeowners ourselves, we’ve experienced the inconvenience and concern that arises when natural disasters put your property at risk. And, too many times, we’ve seen the problem fixed the wrong way, leaving you with added risk and wasted investment.

That’s why, for 25 years, we’ve approached tree removal the right way.


Our team includes two certified arborists and three skilled climbers, so you can rest assured your property is in safe, experienced hands.


We know landscaping is a labor of love, and we do everything in our power to preserve as much of your natural environment as possible.


Our goal is always to do what’s best for you and your property, both now and in the long run. No shortcuts or jobs done halfway.

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