Disaster Recovery

Expertise is crucial following significant weather disturbances. Our emergency response team is equipped to handle storm aftermath, even the most substantial cleanups. We manage tree-related damages and debris disposal efficiently, while also striving to save and rejuvenate trees that still hold promise for a healthy future. Regardless of the storm damage scale, our team, with its specialized training, experience, and advanced equipment, is ready to reinstate harmony, safety, and aesthetics to your space.

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Emergency Response

Prompt and professional emergency tree response services.
Our team of skilled professionals is prepared to respond to emergency tree situations. We prioritize the swift and safe removal of hazardous trees and debris. Understanding the need for rapid response, stringent safety protocols, clear coordination with local authorities, and adaptability to ever-changing situations is what sets us apart in emergency tree responses.

Beyond the immediate response, our services align with what other reputable tree service companies offer:
Immediate assessment and strategic planning
24/7 emergency service for urgent needs
Adherence to safety guidelines including ANSI, TCIA, OSHA standards
Deployment of experienced arborists and skilled crisis management teams
Use of state-of-the-art equipment to manage large and complex tasks
Commitment to restore the landscape to its pre-crisis condition as much as possible
Complete documentation of the emergency response process for insurance purposes
Assurance of high bonding capacity to handle large-scale emergencies

With over 25 years of experience, we’re specialists in storm damage management and tree hazard mitigation. Our emergency response crew is proficient in handling the safe, efficient removal and disposal of debris following storm events.


Disaster Recovery

Expertise is crucial in times of disaster.
At Artmire’s Urban Forestry & Tree Services, our team of trained professionals stands out in handling damaged tree removal and debris clearance. We recognize the importance of efficient operations, safety, and clear communication with municipalities and stakeholders. We’re also adept at adapting to the unpredictable challenges that storm recovery efforts often present.

Reasons clients opt for our services:
Swift and professional response
Compliance with ANSI, TCIA, OSHA safety programs
Skilled project management team
Arborist certifications & qualifications vital for tree hazard mitigation
A commitment to integrity, professionalism, communication, and honesty
Thorough system and process documentation

Accredited and Credentialed

With a steadfast devotion to our craft, an unwavering commitment to our clients’ tranquility, financial stability, and a fleet of heavy-duty equipment, we at Artmire’s Urban Forestry & Tree Services possess the robust foundation necessary to address tasks from residential storm cleanups to multi-million-dollar disaster relief operations.

We’re honored to carry the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accreditation, a testament to our:

Compliance with industry standards for quality and safety
Maintenance of a skilled, professional team
Commitment to ethical and high-quality business practices

Artmire’s Urban Forestry & Tree Services diligently upholds all necessary licenses and insurance in line with state stipulations, ensuring they are always updated.

Our vast experience and proficiency empower us to provide bonding for substantial projects that can easily extend into the millions. This capability enables us to manage numerous large-scale projects concurrently and carry out contracts as per the precise specifications of government agencies.

Our financial robustness guarantees that our sub-contractors receive swift and equitable payments. This advantage has enabled us to establish a faithful and experienced base of subcontractors when needed, empowering us to embark on projects with confidence and see them through to their successful completion.